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FuzziBunz One Size

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This nappy was launched in 2014, and you will be surprised to see that although it's called the FuzziBunz One Size, it actually comes in two sizes.  So what's that all about I hear you ask!

FuzziBunz had noticed that nappies that gave a great fit on newborns would often struggle on hefty toddlers, while those that worked on the hefty toddler, were often a bit too big on a newborn.  So they made two versions of this nappy, to suit the baby you have.

One Size Small - for 7 - 30lbs - choose this if you are buying for a newborn or slender baby

One Size Large - for 10 - 45lbs - choose this if your baby is already at least 10lbs, also good for babies who are expected to need nappies for longer (additional needs), and those on the higher end of the percentile charts for weight and height.

Either nappy can take your baby from birth to potty.  My babies were all on the slender end of the scale, around 7lbs at birth and 20lbs at a year, so the One Size Small would have been perfect for them.  However a friend of mine had a baby several months after me, who was 20lbs at around 6 months, so for a baby like that, the One Size Large would have been a great choice, as it's unlikely to be outgrown.

Each nappy comes with 1 microfibre insert, and has adjustable leg elastic for a great fit at any stage.


Good fit Review by Ava
Ease of Use
Absorbency (if applicable)
Fuzzibunz one size large fit really good on my 19m old! Tight around the legs and plenty of room around the belly. Not getting leaks often but it needs a booster for heavy wetters like my little one. Would highly recommend. (Posted on 11/08/2017)
Good pocket nappy for a very nice discount priceReview by Jacoliene
Ease of Use
Absorbency (if applicable)
Besides my fuzzibunz perfect sizes I also ordered 8 one size large nappies. They are my to go nappies now for daytime. I use the one sizes and the perfect sizes in rotation with a toddler who weighs 35 lbs and is 92 cm tall. At night I use nappies with a wrap because of their hard to beat reliability when it comes to long sleeps and heavy wetting.The pocketnappies are easy to stuff, easy to put on and make a very good fit due to the adjustable elastics.
I stuff the nappies with inserts of bamboo and cotton. They come with a microfibre insert. I do no like microfibre as material for inserts that much. And my toddler needs more then one insert to get proper absorbtion.
But I am very satisfied with the nappy. They come in georgeous colors. They have some metallic shine on them. I find them very pretty.
I am an overseas customer and very satisfied with the speed of delivery by earthwise trading. And for a reasonable price as well. (Posted on 03/07/2017)

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