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Fuzzi Bunz Elite One Size - Minky Inserts

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We're loving these One Size Elite pocket nappies from Fuzzi Bunz. A world leader in pocket nappies, FuzziBunz have designed the Elite with super fast drying minky inserts, super soft stay dry fleece next to baby, and clever adjustable button elastics in the legs. Popper fastening at the waist to last longer. Great range of colours!

The Fuzzi Bunz Elite One Size is supplied with 2 quick drying minky inserts, you can use one or both as your baby requires. The pocket opening for stuffing the nappy is at the back, and is generous enough for larger hands. We find the leg elastics easy to adjust, and the button elastic means you can easily check you are adjusting both sides the same. The nappy is elasticated at the back and legs for a good fit and to aid containment. Soft fleece inside keeps baby feeling dry.

Minky inserts give a very slim fit and super quick drying time, however some babies may require more absorbency, if this is the case for you, we suggest adding a natural fibre booster or insert such as hemp, bamboo or cotton.


I have mixed feelings - nice fit, but often leaks Review by Noga
Ease of Use
Absorbency (if applicable)
I've been using a fuzzi Bunz one-size Minky elite for a little over two months now, along side some other OS pocket nappies. My impression of this nappy is mixed and I'll explain why:

It is significantly narrower and more trim-fitting than other OS nappies.
While most OS nappies begin to fit at around 10 weeks of age, this nappy could be fitted nicely as early as 4-5 weeks, which is really nice, since I don't think NB pockets or AI1 are a justifiable purchase.
Due to its narrower base, you get a really nice fit with this nappy, with minimal bulk, and allowing their wearer to be able to wriggle and roll.

The materials are great, and I especially like their Minky insert which is super soft and absorbent without feeling wet. If I could I would get extra of those and use as boosters, since their great even next to baby's skin

The smaller pocket is prone to pressure licking and the Minky fabric weak moisture from the nappy! This is a big con. If I leave this nappy for more than 2 hours (other pockets last me 3.5 hours easily) I would often find wet marks on his clothes around the legs. I examined the cause of this several times, and tried different combinations of the two inserts, including one folded in the front, but no use. As soon as the nappy gets to full capacity - which is pretty quickly because the inserts and pocket are smaller and tighter that comparable nappies, it starts pressing out through the seam or lining, and from there wicks easily on the Minky fabric.
I wonder in non-Minky fuzzi Bunz are the same? I have two other Minky pocket nappies which have the similar fault, but they take longer to get to full capacity, so its less of an issue. But if I'm looking for a main nappy for nursery - this isn't it, because you need something that can hold some extra fluid if nappy change gets delayed a bit. Since its so narrow, I would never use this nappy in the morning, when poo explosions are more likely. But for me this is another issue - I want an all purpose nappy that doesn't require a second thought when using, and this is not it.

At full price wouldn't give this nappy another look, but the discount price make this a cost-effective though far from ideal option. (Posted on 06/08/2017)
Great!Review by Rachel
Ease of Use
Absorbency (if applicable)
Easy to adjust size of nappy, no leaks and lovely patterns! (Posted on 19/06/2017)

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