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Menstrual Cups

The notion of an internal reusable menstrual device isn't new at all, in fact menstrual cups have been around for about as long as disposable tampons (since the 1930's), however with disposable products being commercially more viable as a fresh supply was needed every month, and given the acceptable "niceties" of the day, disposable products quickly became the norm. The average woman now uses an estimated 12,000 disposable sanitary products in her lifetime - menstrual cups (Mooncup, Femmecup) last for years and costs less than the average woman would spend on disposable sanitary products in 6 months. No wonder there has been renewed interest in reusable forms of sanitary protection!

I've recently set up a Facebook group to help promote the whole eco-sanpro issue, which you can visit and join here.

Please click on "read more" beneath the product descriptions, for fuller information on sizing (for the Mooncup) and how to use the menstrual cups. Full instructions are provided with every purchase.

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