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Plush Pants Terry Nappies - The Terry Nappy Experts!  

Terry nappies have moved on a fair bit since our parents and grandparents time – they are now available in different sizes and colours, and there are a whole host of ways to fold them. Being a bit of a terry nappy enthusiast, I’m more than happy to help guide you through all your questions and help you to get the most out of your nappies. Do ask away if there is something you want to know more about, there’s no such thing as a silly question!

Unbleached, organic, coloured? There are lots of choices nowadays, but you may wonder why are there so many options, and what are the advantages of them all? Here’s a quick rundown for you:

You will see that many nappies are made from unbleached cotton, this means they come in the natural creamy colour of cotton straight from the loom, free from bleaching. As cotton is a very intensive crop to farm, using lots of pesticides and fertiliser, and is mostly non-organic, choosing unbleached terry nappies means you can avoid another layer of chemical processing. Most unbleached nappies will wash to white after a while anyway if you’re using a standard washing powder.

Organic cotton nappies get around some of these concerns, as the standards required of organic farmers are pretty strict, so there will be a lot less chemical input to the fabric. Bamboo is also becoming more widely available as a nappy fabric, this is usually non-organic, however is a less intensive crop to grow than cotton. It is also a naturally anti-bacterial fabric, and keeps its soft feel even after repeated washing. Be careful of your washing temperature with bamboo, if washed and particularly tumble dried at high temperatures repeatedly, it may lose its ability to nippa.

Coloured nappies are really there for a bit of fun – nappy changing is going to be a daily chore for a couple of years for most of us, so why not brighten up the change bag a bit! They also have the advantage of not showing stains as easily as plain white or unbleached nappies. Remember you will need waterproof outer nappy covers with all terry nappies! Listed under Nappy Wraps, all the ones we stock are suitable for use with terry squares.

You’ll notice that we also stock muslins as a nappy option. Although the standard size of muslins is quite big, at 70 or 80cm square, if you fold them into a smaller square as a starting point and then follow our terry folding instructions, you’ll end up with a very neat little nappy for a newborn. They can also be pad folded and held in place with a wrap, using a booster when extra absorbency is needed.

Check out the "nappy know-how" link above for details of how to fold nappies, washing, understanding nappy jargon and so on. If you can't find the answer to your question here, then please ask!

We specialise here in flat nappies, which need to be folded before use. If you’re really after something that’s already shaped, or a bit more user friendly, we recommend a visit to Plush Pants Cloth Nappies.